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**Our History 365: Uncovering the Rich Heritage of Black People**


Our History 365 is an interactive program under the umbrella of Family Love & Involvement Program, Inc. (FLIP) that sheds light on the significant contributions and achievements of Black people to the world in various spheres - economic, political, and cultural. This program aims to bridge the knowledge gap for students in the public school system by providing a comprehensive understanding of African and Black history, from ancient civilizations to present day.

Designed for a diverse audience, Our History 365 is tailored for individuals aged 9 to adult, with a focus on students of African descent. The program seeks to promote self-awareness, self-worth, and a sense of pride among participants by exploring their African heritage. Additionally, we invite youth and adults from all backgrounds to join us, fostering conversations that promote cross-cultural understanding and empathy.

Contrary to common assumptions, Our History 365 does not begin with slavery. Instead, we embark on a journey through time, exploring the rich traditions and achievements of African civilizations. We also address contemporary issues affecting young people, examining their impact on daily life.

By participating in Our History 365, you'll gain a deeper understanding of your place in the world, as well as the courage and resilience of your ancestors. Join us in celebrating the triumphs and legacy of Black people throughout history.





Family Love and Involvement Program, Inc. is dedicated to fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of Black/African contributions and achievements to American history and the world. We empower individuals (aged 9 to adult) in Winston-Salem and Forsyth County to become knowledgeable, compassionate, and active participants in promoting inclusivity, equity, and social justice.


To empower a more inclusive and equitable Winston-Salem, Forsyth County community by promoting cross-generational understanding and appreciation of the rich cultural heritage, contributions, and achievements of Black/African people globally from past to present.

We strive to achieve this through engaging, interactive approaches that foster community ownership and empowerment. By leveraging our self-sufficiency and exploring innovative partnerships, we aim to sustainably deliver a more inclusive and equitable program that shares historical facts, uplifts the community, celebrates Black/African history, and paves the way for a brighter future for generations to come in the delivery of our mission, vision, and goals.


Participants: Ages 9-adult

Program days and time: Mondays and Wednesdays weekly

Program operates on school system schedule)

                                        4:30p.m.-6:00 p.m.

 Staff:  Certified and retired elementary, middle, and high school teachers, college students' community, volunteers