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Our Vision. Our Goals. Our Commitment.

The Family Love and Involvement Program (FLIP) is a non-profit organization started by a group of relatives who were reared in the housing projects of Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Our purpose is to enhance the students' understanding of the economic, political, and cultural contributions of African Americans.

Our Goals:

  • To express and understanding of a specific African American experience in out world.
  • To engage in dialogue that promotes different perspectives on a given topic relevant to African American history.
  • To develop effective communications skills that are respectful of different perspectives of each participant.
  • To engage in activities that encourage students and their families to come together to address specific topics.

We are committed to providing programs that will enhance the students’ school curriculum, as well as challenge and extend their pursuit of knowledge. << Read more

Our Mission

Our mission at FLIP is to provide citizens of Winston-Salem, Forsyth County, specifically children, with knowledge and appreciation for the history of African Americans and how they have shaped American history and influenced the world. We aim to empower children to be inquisitive, knowledgeable, compassionate, and active.

Our Vision

Our vision for FLIP is to partner with students and parents who have a commitment to further their understanding and knowledge of the contributions of African Americans to the world from past to present. We aim to narrow skills gaps that the public education school system has not fulfilled by providing accurate and inspiring historical facts in fun and enlightening ways. We strive to accomplish out vision through student engagement and hands-on experiences.

How You Can Help

There are a number of ways that you can get involved with FLIP to help fulfill our mission, through a financial, resource, or personal partnership. << Read more